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POSTGIRO was started 1925 in Stockholm by the Swedish Post Authority.

Postgiro 1930 5 Year celibration




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If you like to read more about the ViA Branding portfolio or know how the name ViA and ViA Card came to live, you can visit www.viabrand.com


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ViA GIRO when evolution it is as best.

ONE DAY PAYMENT SOLUTION was born started in Sweden 1925

If you where under the impression that payment solutions was an innovation of the 90th or in the new millennium, you haven't done your homework well.

Sweden did not only do the first ATM machine already 1964/1965 as the first CARD and PIN machine, Sweden did invent the first "TANKOMAT" a gasoline filling station where you inserted your bank-bill and could fill up your car with gasoline. At the same time also the gate-controll, where you needed a card to access a controlled area was invented by Securitas and Tetra Pack, you can find link here on the right side to read and learn more about the real history of how the most important innovations for our IT age actually was born.



ViA GIRO is a name on a service the ViA model and concept are launching as a feature for their customer to transact in betven each other without delay and costly middle hands. This service "ViA GIRO" will be offered to all ViA Card holders and customers, which you can find more information about on www.viacard.com




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